Science Activity: Air Pressure

Today, we presented our science activities in class. The topic that my partner and I had was air pressure. My partner started off our presentation by explaining what air pressure is and providing definitions for key words that would be used during our activity. After this, my partner and I chose three classmates to help us demonstrate our direct instruction. We gave those three classmates empty water bottles (with caps on) and asked them to squeeze them and see if they can crush them down all the way.

After my classmates were unable to do so, we asked them to take the cap off of the water bottle and try again. The water bottles were successfully crushed down, and my partner and I were went over the theory of air pressure once again. Then my partner and I demonstrated our independent practice activity. We each had a water bottle with a balloon inside of it.

After blowing air inside the balloon, my balloon did not inflate while my partner’s did inflate. My partner and I explained how one balloon inflated because there was a hole on the bottom for the air to escape out of while the other water bottle did not have a hole. I really enjoyed doing my science activity in class and watching my classmates’ present their activities. Each group had fun and interactive activities.


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  1. I really wish my classmates and I had been able to do these science activities with a group of students. I am sure that the students would have enjoyed all of our activities. However, I did get the chance to show the science activity that my partner and I did to some of my nieces and nephews. They all really enjoyed it and one of my nieces told her teacher and classmates about it.

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