Working With Plugins

For Step 9 of the EduBlog teacher challenge, I had to work with using plugins. From reading the information on Step 9, I learned that plugins are a way to add functionality and interesting features to your blog.

The three plugins I activated and worked with are: 

  • Compfight,
  • Easy Tables
  • Visual Editor   

Using the Compfight plugin was not difficult since I had already used it for one of the earlier steps. Compfight allows you to creative commons and public domain images to your posts. I like the Compfight plugin, but I have to admit that it can be a little difficult to find good pictures for specific things I am looking for. 

The Easy Tables plugin is easy to use. However, I do not see myself using this plugin anytime soon to be quite honest. Perhaps it will be useful in the future though.

My favorite plugin out of the three I activated was the visual editor plugin. I used it when writing this post. I can definitely see myself using this plugin a lot when working on my blog. I enjoyed learning about plugins and I am looking forward to using other ones later on. 

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